sabato 8 gennaio 2011

The fiat 500 (cinquecento) is the most famous italian car. The production started in 1957 and finished in 1976. There are many models of this car:
-New 500 (Nuova Cinquecento) 1957-1960
-500 D 1960-1965
-500 F 1966-1972
-500 LUSSO 1968-1972
-500 R 1972-1976.
There are other models most rare.
 Is a beautiful car, clumsy heavy and very but very small. all models of this car have the capote.
iIn 1957 the prize was 465000 lire, that in euro are 240, that in dollars are 311. In 2007 Fiat for the 50th anniversary of the boarn of Fiat 500, intruduced in the car's market the new Fiat 500 that is similiar the original haven't got the charm of the old 500.
In 2010 the 500 was intruced in the american car market, is a typical, modern city car (for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,Washington).

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